Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Whisper is a wonderful wonderful dog. She has beauty, sweetness and the most soulful eyes you'll ever see. She seems to always take things seriously except when she smiles. And boy this gal can smile! She is a stunner when she is laughing.

worried Whisper

This picture was an on again off again portrait for me. Art is teaching me patience and perseverance. One minute I'm looking at the picture's evolution and thinking hmmmmm I didn't quite get it so I'll start again in a few minutes. I continue and then I step back a little later and think 'Cool, I got it' . So here is Whisper's graphic evolution:-)
hmmmm a little psycho looking no?

I use a few pictures to hone in on features. Ears maybe clearer in one and eyes in another. This was my eyebrow tuft reference picture :-)


Here is the picture I used to draw her from. It was a small file, hence the need for all the other reference photos.

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