The nitty gritty

How to Order
Drop me a line at
Let me know all about your beloved pet whether they are still with us or gone on to the rainbow bridge. What is/was their quirk? what do/did they love to do? where do/did they love to be? I'll be working from photographs but I'd love to know the story behind them to incorporate that 'spirit' in the portraits.

Now, I mentioned photos. Let's take a quick side tour here and talk about what you can expect from your submitted photos. Basically the larger the file the better. This means I can get up close with your furbaby and I can fill my screen with the details of one of his or her ears. The smaller the file the less accurate detail I can include. Thing is, I love to include detail, whether it is a wrinkle in the eye or a crooked whisker I want to capture your commission to the closest hair, scale, feather I possibly can. This means a steady photographer's hand. As a rule of thumb cell phone shots don't get any better after 6 inches,  even with instagram. If you can open your picture on your screen and zoom maintaining clarity when the subject fills the screen then you'll know I'll be happy out.

I have had quite a few commissions for memorial portraits which sadly means you won't be able to supply any new photos. In that case the solution lies in scanning the printed photographs (if they are not on digital file) at at least 300dpi and attaching them to an e-mail.

Paper sizes and Prices

A)   18    x  14cm / 7 x 5.5inches                    $75  /   6,000Y  / 60Eu
B)   22    x  16cm / 9x6 inches                        $85  /   7,000Y  / 70Eu
C)   27    x  19.5cm / 10.5 x 7.5 inches           $100 /  8,000    / 80Eu
D)   33.5 x  23cm / 13 x 9 inches                    $120 /  9,500    / 95 Eu
E)   38    x  27cm / 15 x 10.5                          $140 / 11,000  / 110Eu

Two pets can be requested on the same page on size C, D, E. There will be an additional charge 
for the second pet.

Art comes un-matted and unframed but very carefully packed so it can't be damaged in transit. 
The prices above do not include shipping.Those costs will be added later. Please expect to add $20 to $30 to the listed price.

Depending on the commission waiting list, it may take up to two weeks to complete the art (oils longer). We shall be in contact at various stages through the process to ensure your complete satisfaction with the end result.