Sunday, July 28, 2013

Working my way back to youuuuuuuuuuuu :-)

Goodness gracious where did the time go? I've probably read a billion blog pages and at some point or other the writer is bound to have a lapse of writing and come back all apologetic. So now it is my turn, Gomen kudasai, (please accept my sorrys) as they say in this corner of the world.

So I think working backwards might be the way to go here. The most recent portrait to garner my signature was a sweet teeny tiny little Yorkshire Terrier belonging to a wonderful friend ( Hi B.!:-)) I hadn't done a straight haired dog in a while so was wondering about getting the shine in on her coat.

I didn't work from this picture but you can get an idea of how minuscule she is :-)
I didn't take too many along the way pictures but did have fun playing with camera angles on the close to finished portrait as you'll see below.

.........and from the top!

This little sweetheart had the most expressive eyes that lit up when you caught her smiling:-)


Then the final picture although I have no idea what happened to cause that line down the side and only noticed it later. Sadly it is the only final shot I have.

Can't forget that cute lil' tongue!

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