Sunday, August 19, 2012

Story of a portrait

Paul is a precious kitty. I know I hear you say "Sure, aren't they all?" Yes, that is true but Paul is particularly precious because he is a survivor. Not only did he and his siblings get rescued from Fukushima's no-go zone at weeks old by the wonderful Japan Cat Network, he was also the only member of his litter to look parvo square in the eye and beat it. He now lives a life full of love with his doting humans. When he is not entertaining them or being adorably cute he surveys his demesne from the safety of his lofty coffee table in the catio.

Paul's guardian commissioned me to draw Paul via a local animal rescue's July campaign I offered. I took photos along the way to show each step as I progressed. I took three days to render this fine boy in total about 15 hours. I was thrilled with the final result and probably held on to the portrait a little too long after finishing it because ( Yes, I am about to unabashedly boast :-)) I just loved it:-) It is in the post now and should safely arrive Chez Paul in the morning:-)

He has the most gorgeous eyes. I couldn't resist getting detailed very early on.

Up close stage 2

Starting on the tag and body

Finished Paul

It is all in the details:-)

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