Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Other mediums

Just opened my eyes and there they were in all their glory right in front of me. One minute they were a thumbnail on an art website and the next they were here in Okinawa, just imploring me to play.  I find it hard to say no, so instead I said yes:-) My Prismaclor coloring pencils were a like the best box of chocolates you could hope for.... they had a glorious third layer.

Showing only one layer here because I don't want to get you over excited:-)
Having recently acquired artist quality black paper I was excited to see what all the hype was about these colouring pencils. I went straight for the blues because I have a white dog with one blue eye that I'm very eager to draw. I wanted to see how they all looked against the black back drop and how vividly they would stand out. These pencils are in a word AWESOME. They are so vibrant, their pigment is full of vitality. VERY excited to work with these and expand my horizons some more.

hmmmmm the photo camera skills don't do the colours justice.

Here are those eyes I was telling you about. I started this as a practice sheet but it was going really well and everything was falling into place. I didn't document each stage as I thought I'd be doing it again. We'll see, I'm loving how it is working out, it is on my right track so I'll take the pictures from here on out. I still have some way to go so we'll have to see which way that cookie is going to crumble.


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