Sunday, September 2, 2012

Typhoon productions

I was busy, very busy all throughout the typhoon. It battered the bejaysus out of the house but we are still standing, functioning, leaking around the edges just a little but we are here all 7 of us. That is the 5 furbs and two humans.

Thankfully we didn't lose power so I literally sat in front of reference photos for the three days we were housebound. The good thing about all this sitting, drawing and captivity was that I made a huge indent on both my to experiment list and my commissions list.

Like anything you do in life, you gotta keep practicing to keep your skills up. So experimenting is power for the course. There is no point in telling you I was an accomplished pianist when I was 15 if I haven't laid fingers on a set of keys in almost 20 years.  BTW I wasn't that good but I don't think I could even manage Yankee Doodle now.

Anyway Typhoon sequestration saw me whittle down my order list and learn a few new things. These new things will appear over the next few weeks as some of them are still a secret. I'm pretty excited:-)
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