Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spot the difference :-)

So I have two pictures of the same dog, Ruthy. Actually she was the multi-coloured pup you met in the last post. Can you spot the small tweak I made from one photo to the next? well, apart from the fact that the first one is taken in closer proximity to the artwork. :-) C'mon you didn't think I'd make it THAT easy!? LOL!!

And then this one. Taken a little further away. I'll be perfectly honest with you, I hadn't intended her to fill the paper so much. But she looked a little stumpy in the crown when I left her coiffure tight to her head. So I went at it. I continued to primp up those beautiful poodle curls and she just expanded past the paper's borders. I loved the end result as it was a bit of a departure from what I have done so far. I think on my next in between commissions experiment I may just do eyes, cat's eyes as I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms for cat portraits :-) If you follow my FB page at all you'll know that the cat commissions are few on the ground but the dog commissions are rolling in. Not complaining at all at all. Still thrilled to bits that this is working out beyond my wildest dreams :-) 


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